Employee Spotlights

A pediatric bereavement and support coordinator helps families and care teams heal.

By unews • May 2, 2020

“Health care has a unique role to play in de-politicizing the conversation around environmental topics.”

By unews • March 30, 2020

“The nurse-patient relationship is critical to promoting wellness.”

By unews • February 28, 2020

“In my practice as an internist, I offer patients a comprehensive menu of care options.”

By unews • February 3, 2020

“I had asthma as a kid, so I know firsthand how scary it can be to struggle to breathe.”

By unews • November 29, 2019

Clinical psychologist offers support to patients after major cardiac events.

By unews • October 25, 2019

Clinical chief of infectious diseases addresses common fallacies about the flu vaccine.

By unews • September 26, 2019

General internist and health services researcher receives Chancellor’s Award for Community-Engaged Research.

By unews • August 29, 2019

Psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan Flint named a fellow of the Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge, an academy that includes some of the world’s most renowned scientists.

By unews • August 2, 2019

“When she arrived to get him, the patient and his wife hugged each other and she thanked the staff for our assistance. It was nice to have a happy ending to this story.”

By unews • August 2, 2019